About Us

Valhalla Gamer was founded in 2002 by a group of like minded mates who shared an interest in gaming, initially known as Clan Valhalla.

Thanks to the launch of the game Battlefield 1942 the Valhalla gaming community grew online rapidly with many of the founding members still with us today. As games came and went, the Valhalla Gamer community would also change between games. The experience became more about playing games online with mates and being part of a social community regardless of the game at the time, although no matter what we were playing we always had fun.

Valhalla Gamer has stood the test of time and great friendships have been forged. We welcome you to join us as we plan to continue enjoying our gaming and online experience as we prepare to enter the gates and dine in the halls of Valhalla with all of our friends.

Valhalla Gamer